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Trust, is a magical word!  Trust is the answer we receive from most people when we ask why they are with their current advisor.  
We ask a follow-up question "Why do you trust your financial advisor?".  
"Because he/she is a nice person," many say. 
In our opinion, choosing a financial advisor because they are a nice person is not the best reason.  Where is the substance? 
Safe Harbor Retirement Planners helps educate their clients to have much more insightful answers to the same questions.
Answers that should be closer to:*
"Safe Harbor Retirement Planners structured their firm to operate under the highest regulatory Fiduciary standard; they have our best interest at heart." 
"Safe Harbor Retirement Planners designed a long-term retirement income plan and helped educate us on the benefits of structuring our portfolio to give us the best chance of success in retirement."
"Their fee structure is reasonable and transparent."
"And these are some of the many reasons we TRUST them.  Oh yeah, did I mention They are also very nice!"




Planning is where the  real value lies when working with an investment advisor.  No one can control the stock market or what kind of returns we will see in the future.  Fortunately, there are components of retirement planning we can control.  Creating an efficient plan to maximize all the areas we have control over is the formula for creating a dynamic retirement income plan. It all starts with the retirement income planning process.  Here is a step-by- step guide to what you can expect when working with Safe Harbor Retirement Planners.



The Initial Client Introduction

 Aka " get to know each other meeting." During this meeting, we learn a lot about each other.  We ask many questions regarding your goals and desires and gather data regarding your current financial situation.


Developing a Plan

Next meeting will consist of us delivering and explaining your retirement plan. We walk through step-by-step the improvements we feel necessary to improve your retirement success.  

Implementing the Plan

The next phase is devoted to reviewing the strategies that we have devised, and to discuss the logistical steps that will be taken to implement the plan.


Monitoring the Plan

With a plan in place, it will now be essential to monitor your progress.  Our advanced technology allows you to track your progress as well.  



*Full Disclosure- These are not actual quotes or testimonials from real people. There is not a way of knowing how our clients would answer the questions listed above. 



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