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Our fee is proof we take our retirement income evidence-based research seriously. The industry standard that many advisors charge for their fee is 1%.  Unfortunately, The advisor fee does not include the many other costs associated with the investment portfolio. Below is a breakdown of our "all in" fee on a $500,000 account. 

Be sure to read our blog regarding the impact low fees make in retirement. 

Here is a break down of the fees associated with a $500,000 managed account.  


$500,000 account - Core Global Allocation 


SH Retirement Fee                      .5%

Custodian Platform Fee             .115%

Average Fund Fees                     .113%


All In Fee                                 .728%



A 2017 survey conducted by Bob Veres concluded the average "All In" fee using an advisor is 1.65%. Based on this information, our fee is over 50% lower than average. In fact, only 9% of accounts with $1,000,000 or more pay less than 1%.


If you are not aware of the "all in" fee of your portfolio, don't feel ashamed.  Many financial advisors are unaware of their own clients' fees. 


Please note: The trading platform covers all trading cost including an unlimited number of trades. The fund fees will slightly shift higher or lower based on reallocating or rebalancing the portfolio throughout the year. This shift has little effect on the overall fee.  The "All In" fee shown above is accurate as of February 2, 2018.  Click here to see our full fee schedule on our ADV Pt 2.(link coming soon)


Other compensation: Safe Harbor Retirement Planners works closely with Safe Harbor Financial Group. Safe Harbor Financial Group provides advice regarding fixed index annuities which are products offered by insurance companies.  Insurance companies compensate advisors with a commission.  Funds allocated to a fixed index annuity is NOT charged a .5% management fee.  Safe Harbor Retirement Planner's fiduciary responsibility ensures any advice regarding insurance products are in your best interest. Read more on why the right insurance fixed index annuity is an essential consideration for retirement income planning.


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