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Having a knowledgeable financial advisor coupled with cutting-edge technology helps you obtain the optimal results you desire. Safe Harbor Retirement Planners uses the latest financial technology to provide you with security, detailed analysis, connectivity and real-time reporting capabilities. Listed below is our carefully selected technology Safe Harbor Retirement Planners uses to provide you with the best experience possible for your financial future.



Financial Planning Software



RightCapital is a next generation financial planning tool that provides financial advisors with the ability to create custom, comprehensive financial plans for their clients. Their software has achieved the highest user rating among advisors for financial planning software, and received the 2017 Advisor Satisfaction Award from TD Ameritrade awarded the Best Advisor Technology Tools for 2018 from Morningstar. With RightCapital you receive actionable financial plans that you can actually understand, not a convoluted 150 page PDF report.


What RightCapital offers:


  • Robust Retirement planning – Provides built in stress tests and what-ifs; Monte Carlo simulation; Social Security optimization; ability to switch between cash flow and goal based planning.


  • Fee Comparison - We can compare the current fees you are paying and demonstrate the savings with our fees. The difference can be substantial.


  • Manage Tax Liability - An important consideration is understanding which accounts to withdrawal funds from and when.  Accounts may have different tax characteristics depending if they are qualified or non-qualified.  Understanding where to strategically withdrawal money and avoid hitting higher tax brackets is key to optimizing a retirement plan.  RightCapital identifies ideal tax withdrawal strategies through tax-efficient distribution from taxable, tax deferred and tax free accounts with Roth conversions. Factor in Social Security, pensions, annuities, AMT calculation, rental property and other income.


  • Budgeting and Debt Management - Helps clients live debt-free sooner by comparing various payoff plans and the impact of different debt pay-off strategies. Assists with budgeting, cash flow and debt reduction needs.


  • Annuities with Guarantees - Using a specific group of index annuities is key in reducing the overall risk of a retirement income portfolio. RightCapital illustrates fixed, indexed, and variable annuities to reflect lifetime income benefits or annuitization. Highlights the value of an indexed annuity using hypothetical model market scenarios.


  • Account Integration - Retrieve and update account information seamlessly from thousands of financial institutions.


  • Client Portal - Provides a powerful client portal that enables access to their financial plan with real-time updates.


BENEFIT TO YOU: RightCapital is the engine for our financial plans and allows us to show clients the impact of the important issues in retirement.



Risk Assesment Tool



Riskalyze is the world’s number 1 risk assessment software which helps set clear expectations regarding investment choices. Instead of assigning generic risk tolerance terms such as aggressive or conservative, Riskalyze provides a specific quantitative Risk Number® to each investor. They take a scientific approach backed by Nobel Prize winning research, to objectively determine an investor’s risk tolerance and quantify suitability for investment vehicles.


Too often clients don’t understand how their objectives relate to their expected and actual returns. Establishing investment return expectations using risk instead of average rates of return results in better informed and happier clients. Clients are able to update their Risk Number, check balances and view goal progress.


BENEFIT TO YOU:Using Riskalyze allows us to more effectively evaluate your risk tolerance and personal investment preferences to make recommendations that meet your needs.




Performance Reporting


Black Diamond®Wealth Platform

Performance reporting is essential for all investors. Unfortunately, many advisors do not have the capability or structure to provide high-quality performance reports for their clients. We, along with 60% of the top 100 financial advisors use the Black Diamond wealth platform. Black Diamond has received countless industry awards including: Best Account Aggregation from, Best Client Reporting Solution from FTF Technology Innovation, Best Client Communications from Family Wealth Report and Best Client Portal from


The Black Diamond Wealth Platform offers easy access to your complete financial picture with a personalized experience available 24/7. It is fully integrated with risk analyses and investment portfolios and displays key decisions that have occurred throughout the course of your plan. Their Investor Experience is an interactive environment that can be accessed via mobile phone, email or online.


BENEFIT TO YOU: Black Diamond uses all of your account data to provide accurate and comprehensive account performance.  This reporting is crucial to understanding if you are meeting your financial goals and if adjustments are necessary. Performance reporting is an expensive endeavor and requires ongoing review from our support team.  This service is included in our AUM Fee.




Security & Document Storage



Online Secured Vault providessecure online document storage and file sharing specifically built for the financial industry. The vault creates a protected place to store Financial Plans, Wills, Trusts, Medical Directives, Insurance contracts, Account and Beneficiary information.


  • Financial Plan – Having your financial plan stored online makes it easy to evaluate if we are on course to achieving your retirement goals.  The plan is your foundation and will be revisited many times throughout your career and retirement.


  • Account Information – All of your financial accounts with updated values are stored in the Online Secured Vault. We can create real-time net worth reports and compare them to your financial plan and to ensure your goals are realized.


  • Budgeting Capabilities – Budgeting is critical in keeping spending under control. The budgeting tool keeps track of your credit card and bank accounts and categorizes your spending. It is available on a mobile app and provides monthly spending reports in summary charts and tables. To activate this resource, contact our support staff to get started today.  The cost is typically $85 a month, but the fee is waived for anyone with $1,000,000 or more with our firm.


BENEFIT TO YOU: Online Secured Vault creates a highly secure location for all of your financial documents, yet enables you the ease and reliability to view them at your convenience.





Because we are independent we have the ability choose from a wide array of technology choices available and select the ones that benefit you, our client. Real time reporting, ease of use, security and connectivity are some of the benefits you receive when working with us. Contact Safe Harbor Retirement Planners today to plan for your financial future.

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