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Safe Harbor Retirement Planners is RESULT driven. The most important result is your success in retirement. Every component of our planning is backed by academic-research to improve the RESULTS of you reaching your retirement goals. It starts with education.  The more you learn about the retirement income planning process, the better chance you will make sophisticated choices. Whether you decide to work with us, or another firm, our hope is this website will be a helpful guide  for your retirement future.



Your financial success in retirement is our number 1 priority! 


"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge” 

- Stephen Hawking

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Four Pillars of Retirement Income Success

Fiduciary / Planning

A fiduciary standard means the advisor is required to look after the best interest of their clients.  We take this very seriously and is apparent in our fee structure and our evidence based reitrement solutions.

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Low Fees / Transparency 

Our "ALL IN" cost on a $500,000 investment account is over 50% lower than the average financial advisor.  Click More Info to see the full breakdown of our Fees. 

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Risk Management / Strategic Asset Allocation

Retirees face substantial more risk compared to their working years when accumulating asssets. This is know as the transition from relying on human capital to depending on investment capital.  Market risk becomes a much larger factor! The difference is illustrated using the modern portfolio theory.  We strive to optimize retirement income plans to capture the greatest amount of growth while limiting the level of risk. 

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Technology / Organization

The advancement of technology allows accounts and essential documents to be stored in one place. Our secure online vault safely retains the retirement income plan, wills, trust, medical directives, and shows a breakdown of net worth.  With your financial information organized, paired with your longterm income goals, we enhance the success of reaching your retirement income goals. By being organized with a clear and defined retirement plan, many mistakes in retirement are avoided.


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I hope you have come to our website at a time of hope and plenty. That’s the best time to seek financial counsel. But it is more likely you are seeking our help because you have a specific financial challenge you wish to address. Rest assured that we are here to help you sss.

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You work hard, and life’s been good to you. You’re planning ahead, and want to know you’ll have the resources you need to
provide the lifestyle you want – for you, and your family. We’ll help keep you on the right path by combining investment strategies
with a financial plan designed to preserve what you have, while achieving what you want. In an ever-changing world, we’re driven by what’s right for you.

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